My name is
Mateusz Trojak

I'm passionate about
music and video production.

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About me

I am a Music and Video Enthusiast


I have been writing music for more that 20 years. Looking for challanges, don't care about genres. It's all about sound!


Proper equipment is important when it comes to any serious project. I'm a tech geek, passionate about anything that is music or video related.


I have been making videos for more than 10 years. Started with very limited resources, learning over time, I managed to get to the semi profesional league. Still learning about composition, light but each time with better results. Since 2019 I'm also doind comercial videos. Check for more info


We live in beautiful times, when anyone can do almost anything. That's because of computers. I have been using computers since the last century to achieve my goals!


I Love Gear!

You have to play something! To make music you need gear which can be just a tool or inspiration. That's why guitars, amps, effects, apps, DAWs, cameras, light, lenses and more are so important for me.


Guitar is my tool of choice for making music. Playing guitar for more than 20 years and still loving it is realy great.


You have to play it loud! Where guitar is a brain, Amp is a heart. Tube amps, SS amps, Hybrid amps, digital amps, modeling amps.


Effects can be like tabasco or just like a pinch of salt. This way or another it's good to have them!


True heart of every video. You can use your phone, but it's always better to have 100% controll over all parameters. Shoot in Manual Mode!


Better Lens or better camera? The answer isn't easy, but the truth is the more you pay, the better final results you get. Keep an eye on focus!


It took me some time to understand how important the light is. Now I always have one or two with me, just in case. Keep your scene visible!


Check some of my recent videos!

STL Tonality Suite - Metal Demo

Mercuriall U530 with Mesa Flux Drive - Metal

Fortin NTS Suite - Metal Demo

Marshall JVM205H - Direct Out Metal

AMT Stonehead 50-4 - Metal

Ibanez RG8 meets HESU - Djent Metal

Best Youtube Comments.

Author image

Unbelievable, how close the impulse responses from Choptones are...using them in my Helix and I'm spot on to your sound! \m/ Thanks for the video, dude!

Matthias Buesing Hesu Demon vs Celestion V30 - Metal Comparison
Author image

its becoming clearer to me that to get my 8 string tone I need either a POD HD or AXE FX II lol Killer tone man even the leads sound great and great tune and playing!.

Jason Kozura Schecter Omen 8 meet Line 6 POD HD - Metal
Author image

Beautiful demo, clean edits, great backing tracks, great playing !!

merman93 Kemper Profiling Rack - Hector Metal
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